Our clients come to us for the development of enterprise strategy and stay with us for the range of services we offer to drive strategy deployment. Results are maximized when we work as your strategy partner.

Regardless of the scale and scope of our relationship, we customize all services to your needs and focus on the value of each discrete solution to continually earn the right to support you. 


Support Your Next Strategy Offsite

Establish Enterprise Strategy for long term profitable growth.

Through our proven process and expert facilitation, your team will create a strategy that will guide your corporation for years. You will bridge gaps in your industry and your current capability for a distinctive strategy that will drive top and bottom line growth of your corporation.

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Our strategic planning process is a dynamic process that will drive critical, breakthrough thinking; challenging your teams’ assumptions and integrates:

  • Strategic Industry, Market and Segmentation Assessment
  • Your Financial Plan and assessment of current performance
  • Enterprise Framework: From Vision to Value Proposition to Strategic Imperatives, KPIs and Strategic Initiatives
  • Line of Sight Strategy Framework
  • Integration of Leadership and Team Development within the process
  • Alignment of Leadership Accountability to drive your strategic objectives

From Strategy to Deployment

Engage your teams to innovate and build your company together

Through a steady stream of strategy, strategic alignment and leadership development solutions you will “take strategy off the shelf” to create employee engagement and drive a new customer experience

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We become a trusted advisor to leaders to help them navigate the complex process of strategic alignment and development of new organizational mindset:

  • Work with leaders to develop and align SBU, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, IT strategies with Enterprise Strategy
  • Position leaders with solutions to engage their teams in the design of new, strategy-driven business models and leading business practices
  • Enable team development to lead a fully integrated execution of strategy
  • Provide leadership coaching to support achievement of strategy mandates

Your Strategy Partner

Integration of Your Strategic Planning System

As your strategy partner we provide the range of services you require to create a strategically integrated, adaptive organization. Strategy is alive in your organization and drives increased enterprise value as it is solidly assessed to deliver increased future earnings.

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We become a trusted strategy partner to the CEO and Executive Leadership Team in the management of the strategic planning system for delivery of long term plan.

  • Assess talent and organizational design for strategic alignment
  • Integrated Planning System with support to Annual Business planning
  • Development new measurement system
  • Participation on Steering Committees to maintain strategic focus
  • On going consultation to all business leaders for strategic leadership
  • Management of strategic plan documents
  • Quarterly – annual strategic plan updates and reviews
For a young high-growth company with no shortage of great ideas, Strategy+People delivered a disciplined, focused strategic planning process.
— Don O’Leary CFO/VP Finance, Vonage
Strategy+People brought Manpower the services and tools that allowed us to transform our business. Assisting leadership teams in clarifying the corporate vision and strategy, global alignment to common goals was quickly achieved, resulting in stronger financial performance.
Strategy+People’s founder, Joanne Downey acted as my trusted advisor and strategic planner to our executive team. She played a big part in our success and was instrumental to our leaders in developing and driving our strategic vision to differntiate AlliedBarton as best brand in our key market segments. In addition to consulting across a range of strategic issues, Strategy+People was the only consultant that could help us clarify a significant opportunity for the growth of our business. As a result we increased our earnings and attracted an unprecedented private equity valuation.