We understand the challenges you face when driving strategic change. Your leaders need to manage the relentless pace of today with little time to think outside of the box and sustain focus on the future. 

Bandwidth and Clarity to Focus on Your Future

We amp up the bandwidth and raise the bar of your leadership team for fresh insights,  new ways of working,  consistent approach to strategy and persistent focus on deployment throughout your organization. 


Our team brings proven methods from research, strategy, organization design, management teamwork, leadership and coaching for seamless, full service solutions to support you.

Deep Expertise

Combined our team has over 200 years of experience working with a diversity of leaders to drive strategic change. Each consultant is a recognized expert in their field that brings extensive knowledge and perspective.


We are focused on your future not vested in your past problems. We will challenge your assumptions about your business and support you to develop breakthrough insights and new ways to work.



Meet our Team



Joanne Downey, Founder

Principal Consultant & Enterprise Strategy

Joanne partners with CEOs and executive leaders as their strategic advisor and guide through the process of transformation in addition to providing hands on strategic planning services. She is committed to her clients strategic vision and distinguished by her capability to clarify complex client requirements, customize enterprise-wide strategic planning approaches and develop and deliver solutions that strengthen financial business performance.  

+ Joanne's Bio

Joanne is a top-tier management consultant in strategic leadership.

Her 30 years of global, enterprise-wide strategy consulting experience has led to long term relationships with an extensive list of visionary CEOs, senior leaders and their teams of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies such as: Manpower Inc., AlliedBarton Security Systems, ATI Technologies, Gennum Corporation, Imperial Oil/Exxon, Baxter Corporation, Toyota Canada, Lexus, Aviva Canada, Scotiabank, Sovereign General.

Joanne has been instrumental to her clients' achievement of their long term strategic objectives and strengthened financial results. In addition, her approaches have resulted in strengthened leadership capability, management teamwork, job creation and economic growth.

She founded Strategy+People in 2006 based upon an integrated platform of proven best practices to support leaders to develop and lead enterprise business strategy for the transformation of their business.

Joanne is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Executive Stream- (an internationally recognized designation) and member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

She has a long-term commitment to equal employment opportunity. She is presently a member of the Women's Leadership Board, Harvard University, supporting the research and scholarship of the Women in Public Policy Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Governance.

She has an Honours BA, Commerce & Economics, University of Toronto



Mike Farrell

Research:  Market, Consumer, & Culture 

Mike scopes and delivers the strategic needs for S+P clients from a holistic insights perspective. Mike will assess, design and drive market and consumer research that underpin enterprise and business unit strategy,  both in terms of development, new business model design and in assessing performance impact.  Mike brings expertise as a generational and cultural trends specialist.  Mike works closely with clients to translate data into invaluable insights.

+ Mike's Bio

Mike is an award winning researcher and strategist. As a true thought leader, Mike utilizes his expertise to guide clients in the discovery of insights and more effective methods of achieving their marketing and organizational goals.

He is a leading authority on Millennials, contemporary trends and values, loyalty and the retail market and he has worked across every conceivable category with a who’s who list of brands, NFPs and governmental clients at all levels.

Before teaming up with Strategy+People, Mike was a Founding Partner and CSO of Youthography, one of North America’s leading youth market research firms. In addition Mike was Chief Insight Officer, Retail Lab and Pop Cultural Specialist, Angus Reid Group.

An admitted ‘research geek’ Mike is obsessed with finding those gems of methodology and insight that form the basis for resonant communications, build truly iconic brands, drive smart organizational change and generate responsive and timely policy.

Mike has moderated well over 700 qualitative research sessions. He has been in charge of dozens of panel projects involving a good 20,000 panelists and has surveyed the opinions of well over 500,000 North Americans.

He has the unique distinction of having twice received the coveted Best In Class Award twice from the MRIA (Marketing Research Intelligence Association of Canada) for projects involving innovative applications of qualitative, panel and quantitative methodologies;

On top of leading all research activities at Strategy + People, Mike is a frequent keynote speaker, a regular contributor to industry and mainstream media and a guest lecturer at marketing and advertising colleges across the country.

Mike has a BA, Political Science Queen's University.



Dr. Herb Koplowitz, 

Research &  Organization Design

At the heart of strategy deployment is leadership and management structure that will drive and deliver to strategic objectives. Herb works closely with business leaders to translate strategy into an accountability framework for strategy performance. Herb advises on leadership talent, for match to accountability and develops structure for cross functional collaboration. 

+ Herb's Bio

Herb Koplowitz, Ph.D., is a leading expert in organizational design and management behaviour.

Herb is trained in organizational structure, managerial practice and marketing research.

Herb specializes in helping Strategy+People clients develop the structure they need for their strategy, the staff they need to fill the roles in their structure and the management capability required to lead employees.

He has worked in the financial sector, confectionary, pharmaceutical, food, automotive retail, high tech, energy, education, forest products, mining and utility sectors as well as to the Canadian Armed Forces. He has consulted in North America, Russia, the Caribbean, Argentina, India, Ghana and South Africa.

He holds a B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Cornell University, a Ph. D. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

His work is grounded in Requisite Organization, a total systems approach to performance management based on matching employee capability with the complexity of work in roles.

Herb is an active member of the Global Organization Design Society.



Christine Andrews

Facilitator and Coach, Strategy & Leadership 

Christine supports the facilitation of strategy and management teamwork retreats and develops one on one coaching relationships with senior leaders to front line managers in support of the effective execution of their transformational mandates. Christine excels at supporting leaders in their personal transformation, creating increased leadership capacity to drive new breakthrough performance individually and within their teams. 

+ Christine's Bio

Christine is a professional change agent.

Over the past 20 years, Christine has held prominent HR roles within high growth firms such as InSystems Technologies, AMD (formerly ATI), Yak Communications, Doxim and DAC Group.

Her history working closely with visionary leaders has honed her expertise and understanding of the unique needs of highly innovative, high growth and creative work environments and what it takes to develop a platform of organizational effectiveness to drive strong business results.

Complementing her corporate HR management experience, Christine has spent 9 years of her 20-year career as an independent consultant supporting organizational change and talent development.

Her passion to cultivate leaders and recognize the strengths and potential each person has within themselves has lead her into the profession of leadership coaching.

A graduate of Nipissing University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, Christine is a senior HR Practitioner and CEC certified. She is an active member of the International Coach Federation and holds a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.



Heather Angel

Consultant & Coach, HCM Strategy & Executive Leadership

Heather provides expert consulting support to HR Executives to shape their functions as invaluable business partner in support of strategy, business and human capital management objectives. In addition, Heather provides expert one on one executive leadership coaching.

+ Heather's Bio

As a Human Resources specialist, Heather is acknowledged for successfully helping leaders deal with the people aspects of business shifts resulting from market or strategy changes.

With over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries, Heather has helped her clients develop effective human resource strategies, lead organizational change initiatives, grow leadership capability and enhance employee engagement.

Heather is an ICF certified leadership coach, and as such helps senior talent enhance their ability to inspire followership and works one-on-one to help leaders achieve the work success they have always envisioned whether it is within their current organization or transitioning to another opportunity.

Heather has previously held executive leadership positions in human resources with:

  • Golder & Associates, an environmental engineering consulting firm;
  • The Canadian Diabetes Association, one of the largest health care charities in Canada dedicated to the research and treatment of diabetes;
  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., a generic drug manufacturer
  • Monsanto Canada, a life science company.

Heather also served for six years on the Board of Governors of Sheridan College, where she held a variety leadership positions. She is currently a member of the board of directors of Oakville Hydro and a member of the Human Resources Committee of the board.

She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto and a Honours Bachelor of Arts from York University.

She also holds a Professional Coaching certificate from the Adler School of Professional Studies -Toronto, a certificate in Advanced Human Resources Management from the Rotman School of Management and an Ontario Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Waterloo.

She is a member in good standing in both the International Coaching Federation and the Institute of Corporate Directors.



Brian Brittain

Consultant & Coach, Executive Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Brian works with executive leaders, one on one and as a team,  to ensure they are attuned to each other and aligned with strategic priorities. Leadership through the strategic change process requires capacity to recognize new signals and make speedy, effective decisions. Brian supports executive leaders to have open, curious and courageous communication with high levels of collaboration and to role model the appropriate leadership mindset.

+ Brian's Bio

Brian has over 30 years of global experience in strategic change, organizational design and leadership development work.

He has had an extensive career with companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia, most notably within the Retail, Life & Health Sciences, Professional Services and Food Manufacturing and Packaged Goods industries.

With an extensive background working with Boards, CEOs, Executives and their teams, Brian implements his skills to enable leaders to focus and align both themselves and their teams on the job of executing their strategic priorities and change agenda.

Brian’s clients have included PepsiCo, GlaxoSmithKline, SABIC in Saudi Arabia, Tiffany & Co, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, Tim Hortons, and many hospital organizations throughout Canada, the US and Bermuda.

He has advanced certification in the use of the Hogan self-assessment instruments. Hogan is an international authority in personality assessment and consulting. These skills help Brian establish hiring practices that dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity through developing key talent and evaluating leadership potential.

Brian is also a licensed Reiss Profile Master. The Reiss profile is a psychometric self-assessment for measuring intrinsic motivations. Through this methodology, Brian is able to help clients discover the right organizational “fit” along with their authentic (intrinsically driven) leadership expression.

Additionally, Brian is a licensed practitioner of the SYMLOG theory and set of tools for team building and culture development.



About Strategy+People

Strategy+People was established in 2004 to address the challenge many leaders face: effectively engaging their teams in the process of strategic change to accomplish breakthrough, sustainable results. It was founded by Joanne Downey, a strategic management consultant with 30 years’ experience in developing solutions for senior executives for transformation.

From a A Foundation of Best Practices to a Strategy-centric Team

The foundation of Strategy+People is a set of harmonized methodologies; tested and used extensively to support transformational leaders across a diverse range of industries.

It is now expanded with the formation of a strategy-centric team: highly skilled professional consultants, each chosen for their outstanding skills in their field and capability to strengthen and deliver the Strategy+People value proposition.